Video Smoke Detection

Video Image Smoke and Fire Detection (VISD) consists of a digital video camera coupled to a computer running video analysis software that can recognize smoke and fire in the image. VISD systems can monitor large volumes for visible indications of a fire.

Unlike traditional point-based detectors, VSD does not rely on proximity of smoke to the detector which enables it to detect the start of a fire before it causes any real damage. VSD incorporates standard video surveillance cameras with sophisticated image recognition and processing software to identify the distinctive characteristics of smoke and flame patterns, differentiating between smoke, dust and haze.

Companies offering solutions include:

Notifier (Honeywell)
Johnson Controls
Gentex Corporation
Halma plc
Honeywell Security
ORR Protection
National Fire Protection (NFP)

This process works for: Residential, Commercial, Industrial,Historic Structures and more.