What You Can Expect When You Engage With Our Inspection Company

Self Service Options:

77% of buyers said they preferred to do their own research (check review sites, run Google searches, etc.) rather than contact a sales representative.  Because of this, Secure Home Inspections offers multiple NO TOUCH options to book your residential home inspection without ever having to speak to someone.

Book Online, Get Real-Time Inspector Schedule Access, Received Email Confirmation, Receive sms (text) updates along the way, Sign Inspection Agreement via e-signature (clicking one button), pay online (via credit Card).  Of course the inspector does actually come out to the house…HA you can’t automate that. But the process to get it booked, contracted, paid and receiving reports is done without ever having to speak to a person.

We Resolve Issues Faster:

We know that 54% of Gen Z and 56% of Millennial stopped buying from a company in the past year due to poor customer service. Conversely, only 49% of Gen X and 38% of Boomers left a company due to poor customer experience.  Regardless of the numbers, FASTER is always better when it comes to customer service and we are hyper aware of this.

How we do this, we have linked every single social media, phone, email and website to go directly to our customer service center and there isn’t a message sent to us that we don’t respond to immediately.  Customers can text directly to our business line and receive a message back within 2 seconds.  We are reachable by phone – 24/7.

We Have A Can-Do Attitude:

If there is ever a time we dont’ know the answer, we find someone who does and get right back to our customers.  We find solutions! Period!  We are ALWAYS able to answer your questions. We get just as frustrated when things aren’t working for you and we find ways to fix it.  Customer service is literally what we are all about so when you feel it – we feel it.  One of the biggest frustrations we find when real estate agents are wanting to book inspections is having to call so many different companies to get all the proper inspections setup for their clients.  We realize this and so we have become the concierge for all real estate agents and home buyers.  Call us and need a well & septic inspection, we will coordinate with our partnering company to get it done for you the same day as your home inspection.

We Spend Time Getting To Know Our Customers:

Knowing our customers is something we are constantly striving for.  To do this, we dive into their journey from the moment before they need an inspection to the time period after they have moved into their home.  We clarify this journey, each person’s needs and provide guidance in a multitude of ways that helps them feel good about their new home and the process.  This in turn helps our inspectors serve better.