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Every week we ask our customers what they want to make their lives easier…VISUAL BOOKING!

Today we implemented the ability for a Real Estate Agent, Homebuyer or Homeseller to book direct from our map of inspectors.

It’s easy to just say “Well, go to our website, click the BOOK NOW button and choose an inspector etc. etc Step 1 completed.  Our customers want to click a map, find their area closes to their property and the inspector that serves that area can be booked – DONE!

Today we made this possible and integrated this feature alongside Google Maps, Our Inspectors real-time scheduling software and our online booking software.  Behind the scenes there is a lot going on, but to the customer they just have to find where their new home is located and click the red pin closest to it and book an inspector.

Other features that help our customers save time and reduce frustrations include:

  • 24/7 online booking button directly linked to inspector schedules
  • 7 Days a Week Schedule Availability
  • Mobile APP booking options, download “SecureBook” and try it out today
  • SMS text notifications 2 hours prior to your booked inspection appointment
  • 5 second response time when you text our office # 540-860-0744
  • Multi-inspector firm highly certified, insured and background checked
  • Inspector specialties including: Pool Inspections, Thermal Imaging, Mold Spore testing
  • 8:00am – 8:00pm inspection timeframes

It’s all about speed to book, thorough to inspect and consultants for life!  Let us know how we can improve and we will take your feedback to heart and implement solutions.

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When you focus all your energy on serving your customers, magical things happen

Cheers until the next post, have a great day

Secure Home Inspection VA Team