Fun fact – May is “National Moving Month”.  Historically, it has typically been the busiest month of the year for Americans to change residence.  As Home Inspectors, our numbers follow the National Moving Month trend.  May is the month that kicks off the summer as everyone starts planning to relocate while schools out.  In acknowledgement of this, we’d like to offer our clients a $10 Discount on a Full Home Inspection*.National Moving Month

Tips and Resources for Moving

We found a great resource for our clients by on “Every Moving Tip Ever Needed”.  There are links to tons of articles and free moving tools to help “Set Up TV & Internet”, “Find a Moving Company”, or “Estimate your Moving Costs” to name a few.

My Personal Story

One of my first side jobs was helping an owner-operator Mayflower mover one summer during high school.  I’ll never forget a job in an older apartment building in the D.C. area.  This was my first inner city, multi-level job.  The other’s I’d been hired to assist with were single family homes.  Hands down, there are multiple differences.  From getting the big rig in, diverting traffic, and even maneuvering within the building.

For this job, we were lucky as everything was already packed, so we didn’t have to worry about that.  BUT, the job did have other sweat equity involved. The apartment was a few floors up, the elevator was out, and the hall and stairwell didn’t have any air conditioning, let alone air flow.  As the newbie and the only girl, my job was easy.  All I had to do was bring stuff down to the truck and let the mover play Tetris with the boxes, furniture, appliances, and other odds and ends.

The Magic of the Hump Strap

When it came to move the kitchen appliances, I was very apprehensive on how two of us were going to maneuver through the narrow stairwells.  I kept looking for a pulley system not wanting to ask anyone if windows were involved.  Then one of the other helpers handed me a strap that he called a “Hump Strap”.  He then crisscrossed the strap on the large refrigerator, put his back to the side wall, lifted it, hauled it out of the apartment & down the stairs ALL BY HIMSELF.

This man was in his late forties or early fifties, drenched in sweat, and breathing hard.  When I offered to help, he told me not to waste everyone’s time (we had two jobs that day) and to get more boxes.  Man was very direct, but a great team player, motivator, and has always come to mind whenever something difficult needed moving.

Sharing a Laugh

A few months back at a Greater Piedmont Realtor event, I met Terry Williams ( 703-657-1407 ) of “My Guys Moving”, a moving company that has multiple service areas in Central & Northern Va, Washington DC, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Maryland Suburbs, & Florida.  Of course, the power of a hump strap came up in conversation and the fact that I always mean to purchase one, but never get around to it.  Which has resulted in my family having to listen to comments of “If we only had a hump strap”, or “This would be so much easier if we had a hump strap” when we’re moving something heavy or cumbersome.

But you know how it is – something that you think about during the event but forget about it later one.  The lack of having a hump strap had humorously come up recently (and was recounted to Terry)  when my sister, daughter, husband, and I had to haul in a 30ft+ long roll of carpet into our basement – using a lawnmower, wheel barrel, push dolly, and ratchet straps.  Regrettably, we didn’t get pictures to laugh over later in life (LOL).

A Thank You from the Family

Recently I got a package in the mail from Mr. Terry Williams which had a magical hump strap included.  The entire family has laughed their heads off – but they don’t know yet the projects and possibilities that are making my honey do list.  On that note, I would like to send Mr. Terry a very sincere THANK YOU.  So, during the National Moving Month, I would highly suggest you reach out to him for any questions or concerns you might have with your upcoming move.

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Having your home inspected during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Concerned about having your home inspected during the COVID-19 pandemic? You’re not the only one.  Realtors, Inspectors, Appraisers, and Handymen are a few within the real estate industry who are just as worried.

Many of us receive daily notifications regarding policies, procedures, preventative measures, and the like from our national, state, and local affiliations and government officials. And from our experiences within the last few weeks, we know that more than likely you and your listing realtor have discussed what precautions should be taken before, during, and after a showing of your home. 


If you’re having your home inspected during the COVID-19 pandemic, these are the same steps you should take for the home inspection:

  • If you have symptoms of the COVID-19, postpone the showings / inspections;
  • Do not shake hands – this does seem to be a social nicety that is ingrained in us all;
  • Do not attend the showing / inspection. Make arrangements for children, relatives, and others to be out of the home during the inspection;
  • Create the following signs (link) to be left at the house:
    • Nicely advise that anyone who has any symptoms of COVID-19 are not to enter the home;
    • Be sure that guests maintain social distancing of six or more feet apart;
    • Require everyone to wash their hands or to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer immediately upon entry;
    • Require everyone to cover footwear with booties;
    • Ask that individuals use other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as gloves and face masks;
    • Request that individuals dispose of their PPE elsewhere;
  • Leave cabinets & room doors open for buyers / inspectors to browse / inspect without touch; and,
  • Disinfect your home after the open house / home inspection, especially commonly touched areas like doorknobs and faucet handles.

Job transfers, moves, home showings, sales and inspections are still occurring during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Which is why taking precautions to ensure sellers, buyers, real estate professionals, and their loved ones are protected from illness is a priority for us all.

Showing & Inspection Courtesy Note


At Secure Home Inspections, LLC., we are making every effort to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 & we understand that our employees & company policies can play an important part in this effort.

While a lot of our safety precautions might not have been noticed in the past (cleaning equipment, washing hands between stops, etc.), the new policies put in place to help prevent the spread of the virus are in line with Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recommendations (CDC’s Coronavirus [COVID-19]), & adhere to InterNACHI’s COVID-19 Safety Guidelines, which are based on OSHA’s infection prevention & industrial hygiene practices & OSHA’s assembled requirements & standards regarding COVID-19.

Knowing that real-estate transactions will still go on, we are offering to do a POST INSPECTION VIDEO / PHONE CONFERENCE. While still at the property, we will call the client & realtor to do a video or phone walk through of the house & show them our findings.  This allows the client to ask any questions & voice any concerns while the inspector is still at the property.  Otherwise, the client & realtor may contact the inspector after having received the report later that day.

Together, we can take actions to keep everyone safer. As Matthew McConaughey’s message of hope & positivity said “Let’s do our due diligence, take the precautions we need to take care of ourselves and those around us.”

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