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Angie’s List Review from R. Soto

Category: Home Inspection                                                             Work Completed Date: May 26, 2015

Hire Again: Yes                                                                                  Overall: A

Member Comments: Having read otherreviews were understood that Tom was very punctual, arrived early in fact. Hewas already on the roof when we got to the property, had had a chat with thecurrent owners before they left, and was full of useful information andopinions. Tom answered all our questions, was very thorough, and a nice guy totalk to.  The detailed report, includingphotographs, was great. His feedback and suggestions exactly the kind ofinformation we were hoping for. A+ 


Angie’s List Review from J. Potter

Category: Home & RadonInspection                                             WorkCompleted Date: May 26, 2015

Hire Again: Yes                                                                                   Overall: A

Member Comments: Tom was veryinformative and helpful. His experience shows in his work and in hispresentation. I was particularly pleased by the flexibility Tom provided ofstarting my Radon test ahead of time on a Saturday so I could get the resultsthe same day as the inspection report. This was critical for my timeline. Tom'sreport was very thorough, and I will be using it as a checklist this summer foritems to repair or contract out.


Angie'sList Reviewfrom J. Blackwell

Category:  Home Inspection                                                                 Work Completed Date:  July 16,2014

HireAgain:  Yes                                                                                   Overall:  A

Description Of Work:   The inspectorarrived early. He had went ahead and inspected the roof and chimney before myboyfriend and I had arrived. While he was inspecting, he talked to us about thethings he saw. He gave us suggestions on what to do to the house if we say goto sell in about 10 years or so. He answered all of our questions.

Member Comments:  "The inspection wentreally good". . . "There is run-off water coming from the streetonto one of the sides of the house. Inspector told us his suggestions on how toget the water away from the side of the house as it has a basement windowthere." (see full comment on Angie's


Angie's List Review from J. VanGelder

Category:  Home Inspection                                                                 WorkCompleted Date:  May 12, 2014

Hire Again:  Yes                                                                                   Overall:  A

DescriptionOf Work:  Tom Mitchell inspected houses thoroughly andprofessionally by explaining every detail of how and why something within thehouse was in its current condition, and when needed, how to remedy the problem.He also provided a detailed inspection report afterward that is used towardup-keeping the house.

MemberComments: By far, I'd recommend him to anypotential home buyer


Angie'sList Reviewfrom E. Thompson

Category:  Home Inspection                                                                 Work Completed Date:  March 17, 2014

HireAgain:  Yes                                                                                   Overall:  A

DescriptionOf Work:  Provider did an home inspection for a home we wantedto purchase.

MemberComments:  Theinspector arrived at the home before we arrived and had already begun lookingat the outside areas. He was very thorough in checking out all areas of thehouse and explained everything to us in detail. He showed us how we're suppose to use the tank for the well water andgave us tips about saving money when filling the propane tanks and othertidbits of information.  We were verypleased with his services and above all he was very professional.


Angie's ListReview fromA. Delmare from Front Royal, VA

Category: Home Inspection                                                                 Work Completed Date:  November27, 2013    

Hire Again: Yes                                                                                   Overall:  A

DescriptionOf Work:  Completehome inspection with photos

MemberComments: Excellentjob. Quick and informative - especially impressed with follow-up service,question answering, and help over the phone concerning issues that came up withthe house.  After a full month in thehouse, I haven't noticed anything that wasn't cataloged in the report. 


Angie'sList Review from A. Sneed

Category: Home Inspection                                                                  Work Completed Date: June 11, 2013

Hire Again: Yes                                                                                    Overall: A

Description Of Work: Home inspection for buyer prior to settlement for homepurchase. Radon test.

Member Comments: Overallan outstanding experience.  I arrived twominutes after the appointment time and Tom had already been on the roofinspecting the tiles and chimney, and had inspected the outside of the house.  When I showed up he already had taken picturesand gathered other documentation. Throughout the inspection Tom was professional, and patient.  He took plenty of time to answer questionsand explain the operation of systems, identifying non-critical items thatshould be addressed soon before they become bigger problems in the future.  He took his time, and literally looked atevery corner of the house inside and out. I floated a few remodeling ideas past Tom, and he provided generalobservations on the pros and cons of each, what type of subcontractor wasneeded, etc.  His experience as aninspector and a home builder is evident after a few short minutes ofconversation.  The house we're purchasingis 45 years old.  Obviously it has agerelated issues.  For example, some of thecement pathways and part of the porch needs to be repaired due to the groundsettling.  Tom explained a couple ofdifferent options for addressing the issue. A few days later my brother, who is a commercial general contractor,came to the same conclusions and suggested similar remedies as Tom.  Tom also performed a Radon test on theproperty.  The test results were quitehigh. Tom called me immediately once he got the results explained what theymeant, and how they Radon levels can be controlled.  He assured me not to worry too much, he'sseen similar Radon levels brought down to safe levels when addresses by aqualified specialist.  The home seller isusing one of the contractors Tom suggested to fix the Radon levels.


Angie's List Review from R.Schroeder

CategoryHomeInspection                                                                  Work Completed Date: May25, 2013

HireAgain: Yes                                                                                     Overall: A

DescriptionOf WorkTheyperformed an inspection on a home we later purchased.

MemberComments: It wentgreat.  The inspection was done very quickly and they were very informative. They have a monthly maintenance recall check service that we were automaticallysigned up for where we receive emails from recall maintenance as to any recallson         our appliances (the inspectorwrote down the serial # of the major things such water heaters and otherappliances during the inspection). They also send you a monthly newsletter tolet you know what and when things should be done around the home.


Angie'sList Review fromA. Bridges                                                   Overall  A

Category: Home Inspection                                                                  WorkCompleted Date: April 18, 2013

Hire Again: Yes

Description Of WorkTheyperformed a pre-home inspection to have our home better prepared to sell. We wanted to make sure there weren't any surprises.

Member Comments: They were thorough and when the buyers had theproperty inspected, their inspector found the same results.  Theexperience went very smoothly


Angie's List Review from R.Ferris                                                       Overall  A

Categories:Home Inspection; Radon Detection                                   Work Completed Date: February28, 2013

HireAgain: Yes                                                                                     Share on Band of Neighbors:Yes     

DescriptionOf Work: Theyperformed a home inspection for our home to find out what was needed.  They also performed a radon test.

MemberComments: They were very thorough and veryprofessional and they recommend quality people to remediate some issues theyfound.  They turned the report to us in a few days.  The results ofthe radon test were made available to us in about a week.  They wereaccommodating with scheduling the appointment.  We were present for home inspectionand they answered any questions we had.  We would use them again and wouldrecommend them to others


Angie'sList Review fromP. Baker, 

Category:  Home Inspection                                                                 WorkCompleted Date: October 26, 2012

Hire Again:  Yes                                                                                   Overall  A

Description Of Work:  Home inspection needed quickly.

Member CommentsVerythrough, arrived & started prior to actual appointment time inspected thenreviewed point by point and room completed report on 24 hours.


Angie's List Review from R.Mountjoy                                                 Overall  A

Category: Home Inspection                                                                 Work Completed Date:September 01, 2012

HireAgain: Yes

DescriptionOf Work: Company did a home inspection anda radon test for us.

MemberComments: Tom’s system is awesome.  He was on time, easy to understand, explainedthe process in detail and the price was fair. He performed as promised.  Greatjob.

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Jeff Breining, Realtorat Prudential PenFed Realty

"As a Realtor, I have experienced several homeinspections but none as efficient and professional as the one provided byThomas Mitchell of Secure Home Inspections. Mr. Mitchell was more thanprompt.  In fact, he was early and hadalready completed the inspection of the exterior of the home by the time Ishowed up with our mutual client.  Theprofessionalism continued as we entered the home where Mr. Mitchell displayedhis vast knowledge of all the components and workings that make up a house, athorough understanding of building codes, a detailed demonstration of the keyitems, and several suggestions to the buyer concerning the maintenance of ahome.  To top off the inspection, Mr.Mitchell ran all of the appliances through a Safety Recall Check to give thebuyer one more level of satisfaction and a sense of security in choosing thishome for his family.  My firstrecommendation for a Home Inspector will now be Secure Home Inspections. Thankyou Mr. Thomas Mitchell for providing that extra level of security only a trueprofessional can give."


Richard Rudnicki, DivisionSales Manager, Winchester Homes, Inc.; workedwith Thomas E. at Winchester Homes / Camberley Homes

"In many years of working with Tom, his eye fordetail and scheduling ability made him a top ranked Project Manager with thehighest customer satisfaction ratings in the company.  No matter theproduct, Tom builds a great home ahead of schedule, with a minimum ofpre-settlement items. That's the hallmark of a great Project Manager."


Mark Bos, PurchasingManager, Winchester Homes: worked with ThomasE. at Winchester Homes / Camberley Homes

"I'veworked with Tom for 9 years on multiple high end new home constructionprojects. Tom has always had excellent attention to detail, follow through, andthe ability to see the big picture in delivering quality product in a timelyfashion. Very easy to work with, and earns a high level of trust from allparties."

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CustomerFeedback from M. Deremo from a RecallChek Survey    1/30/2013

"I wascompletely happy with my home inspection. My inspector was kind, patient,and informative (I had lots of questions) and thorough. I love that yourcompany offers a military discount and I love that your company extendswarranties and other offers. I don't know what questions are on thepost-inspection follow-up, but rest assured, I would absolutely recommendSecure Home Inspections LLC to friends/family in the future!"